Shiv Parivaar Tanjore Painting



Traditional Tanjore House brings to life exquisite art works by integrating contemporary design with evergreen classical styles. Here you can view & shop for some of our finest Tanjore paintings in which only 22 carat gold leaves are used.
Tanjore paintings have a very rich heritage. This style of painting has been followed widely by the people in Southern Tamil Nadu for the past two centuries. The art flourished in Tanjavoor, pronounced Tanjore, the capital city of the Chola dynasty, and thus got its name. What sets them apart from Indian paintings in general are the embellishments made over the basic drawings with precious and semi-precious stones as well as the relief work which gives them a three dimensional effect. Paintings are so natural with the faces & their Emotions brought in with full clarity


Size: 2*3 ft.